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  2. Guide to Sweden.

    I found this much funnier the second time around once I turned subtitles on.
  3. hacks?

    Nothing too crazy but it's alright.
  4. Guide to Sweden.

  5. Elf 1st MRB - Two taps

    Very nice man. Skillssssssssss.
  6. Last week
  7. Elf 1st MRB - Two taps

    Just so every one knows....he edited my name and put his name. Nice .
  8. Elf 1st MRB - Two taps

    Hacks! Nice video.
  9. Pending Reply - Suggestion for a PC monitor

    Leave open for perhaps more suggestions just in case
  10. Pending Reply - Suggestion for a PC monitor

    Sounds great Jank, should I leave this ticket open for more suggestions or do you have what you need?
  11. Pending Reply - Suggestion for a PC monitor

    Thanks for the suggestion guys. I don't really need any addons on the monitor except the ones that connect it to the PC I left the picture of my setup as 99% of time is how my monitor stands. However i do hope to manage to find a monitor with VESA so that i can mount on a floating stand instead of the factory one. For games+ work combination i'm not sure if i should look for IPS or TN ,or VA. Not sure if there is something in between. Both monitors that Elf and Gearhart suggested can be bought in my country so i'll see to go to one of the shops and see it in person.
  12. Pending Reply - Suggestion for a PC monitor

    Great suggestions, thanks for input guys. I personally haven't bought a monitor in awhile either but from what I have seen I think the suggestions made by Elf and Gearhart are spot on. Think about size of the screen, resolution and response time. Also think about things like space on your desk, angle of motion the monitor has and any other extras(like built in USB hubs, etc.) Ant other technicians like to weigh in on this for him?
  13. Elf 1st MRB - Two taps

    Nice vid! I love the soundtrack, one of my favorite Rage tracks
  14. Elf 1st MRB - Two taps

    yeah i did one more
  15. Ban Request: "ImmortaL"

    Banned for 2 days.
  16. Ban Request: "EINSATZGRUPPEN"

    Banned 3 weeks for -40 score and 3rd ban
  17. Ban Request: "ImmortaL"

    Name: "ImmortaL" Steam ID: [U:1:9363785] Reason: Team Killing me then leaving Duration: 1 week Demo: N
  18. Name: "EINSATZGRUPPEN" Steam ID: [U:1:77547081] Reason: reapeat team killing, proning in spawn with a mg. Duration: 2 weeks Demo: N
  19. Pending Reply - Suggestion for a PC monitor

    this one is the one i have i have a gtx 980, ive never had a problem with it and its a 144hz
  20. Pending Reply - Suggestion for a PC monitor

    I will recommend this monitor. it's one of the best gaming monitor out there, it has 1ms response time and 144hz refresh rate. it cost around 300 euro and its very well made. hope this helps
  21. Name: P. Jankovski Rank: 1stLt. Type of issue: Hardware Brief Description of Issue: Alrighty guys. After having my 22" Monitor for almost 8 years now i decided to buy a new bigger monitor. I work as a System engineer and i work from home. So i spend 8 hours a day at least for work. I use my main PC for resolving support tickets while i use my laptop for anything linux(terminal related) . I also use my PC for gaming. My GPU is ASUS Strix GTX 970. I was planning to buy a 24" or a 27" monitor. My budget is 450 Euro. I'm clueless about monitors so i would need a suggestion what to look. Which panels (IPS, VA, TN) etc . Is it worth getting a 1920x1080p 27" or a 24" one. Or a 2560 x 1440 monitor (again 24" or 27" ) , i'm not sure if my GPU would handle it. By the way i don't watch to many movies on my PC as i have i have a TV for that. You can see bellow my setup ***Medical Supply Staff ONLY Below this line*** Current Status: Pending Reply Researching Resolved Unresolved Main Technician: Supporting Technician: J. Candy
  22. Name: WinningRook & Henchman Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:49349063 & STEAM_0:0:67690476 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Team Killing & Racism Demo Provided?: No Comments: Both were being obscenely racist and were team killing profusely when no admins were on.
  23. [Accepted - 323] Enlistment - Jarrod Gonzalez

    Welcome to the 1st Marine Raider Battalion! Now that you have been accepted don't forget to: 1. Check in at the Recruit Depot 2. Read the Marine Raider Handbook (you are expected to know everything in it) 3. Change your steam friends Avatar 4. Download, install and log into Ventrilo (Optional) 5. If you have a MAC computer, you will need to download and install our BCT map: CLICK HERE for instructions. NOTE: Please be aware that you will not have access to the above links until an officer has given you full access to the forum. Access to the forum should be given to you within the next day.
  24. [Accepted - 323] Enlistment - Jarrod Gonzalez

    Yep, understood.
  25. [Accepted - 323] Enlistment - Jarrod Gonzalez

    MARINE CORPS ENLISTMENT OFFICE Camp Pendleton, CA RECRUITMENT LETTER Hello Jarrod Gonzalez, Thank you for taking interest in joining the 1st Marine Raider Battalion. There are a few things you should know before I give you a date for Basic Combat Training (BCT). Firstly, you are restricted to the weapon class of Rifleman for the duration of your time as a Recruit. Secondly, any questions you have about our unit, alternate times for your BCT, or just rules in general, you should contact your drill instructor WO. S. Larson, WO. Z. Viktor or MSgt. I. Turner (North American) 2ndLt. A. Reis or SSgt. M. Göthe (European) BCT will begin on: North American BCT Monday, Oct 23, 2017 @ 9pm EST or Euro BCT Wednesday, Oct 25, 2017 @ 8pm GMT Upon stating that you understand all the information here, an admin will change your forum name and login to be : Gonzalez 1st MRB Take the time now to change your Steam and in-game name to: Rec. J. Gonzalez [1st MRB] Please make sure to verify your forum account by checking your email. Also, please respond below with a reply showing that you have read and understand these rules and restrictions set. You cannot be fully accepted until you do so. We have a limit on the time to reply, if you do not do so within 48 hours, your application will be denied. Once you reply, you will be approved for your BCT unless otherwise posted.
  26. [Accepted - 323] Enlistment - Jarrod Gonzalez

    First Name: Jarrod Last name: Gonzalez in-game name? Rafael Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:64332651 Date of Birth: 04-04-1998 Location: Virginia, United States Do you have a working mic?: Yes. Do you have Ventrilo?: Not right now, but I can download it again. _______________________ Why do you wish to join the 1st Marine Raiders?: I used to play DOD:S but I quit a couple years ago, and I wish to play again, and I just saw the 1stRMB server played some and It made me wanna do a Unit again. Did any of our current members play a part in you enlisting? If so, who?: 2ndLt Reis helped me find the site to enlist so partially yes How are you today?: Very well This unit offers more than just a place to play games with each other, do you have any online skills you think would be useful?: I have good communication in team-based games. Do you have any Leadership experience that you think will be helpful?: From some other games, but not DOD:S ________________ Have you ever been in a realism unit before, and if so, which unit was it?: No.7, I believe I did apply for the 1stRMB once along time ago, but I never actually went to my BT or whatever it's called. So, hopefully there is no conflict about that. Ranks held within that unit: Commando (No.7) Applicant or Recruit? (!stRMB) Reason for leaving that unit: I wasn't playing the game much at the time and was eventually removed. For the 1stRMB, I had went inactive from steam in general and never did my BT I was removed then too I believe. _______________________ Parting Comments: Thanks for taking the time to review my application, I look forward to playing with you guys assuming I'm accepted! By posting this Enlistment form, I acknowledge the instructions completely, declare that I am 16 years old or older, and agree that I have and will follow server and unit rules maturely and respectfully or face immediate rejection. Signed Gonzalez, Jarrod
  27. How I have been playing lately (meme)

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