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  3. Unban Request: Ricaurte

    After speaking with Duncan, you will be unbanned, welcome back to the server.
  4. Unban Request: Ricaurte

    This request is under review, please be patient while we make a decision about your ban. Thank you. This topic will be locked for the time being.
  5. Unban Request: Ricaurte

    Name: Ricaurte Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:5546440 Date & Time of ban: 12/15/17 about 8pm CST Admin who banned you: Not sure, only 1stMRB on at the time was Duncan Reason we should Unban: I went 73/10 on Argentan and next map I got banned. Lots of pubbers complain and call me a hacker, I laugh it off. I have over 4k hours in the game. I've never hacked in my life. This seems like a knee jerk reaction rage ban. If you have a demo please share.
  6. Last week
  7. Personal Pictures

    Man Toto i'm sorry to break it to you but you have no hair on your head :'( <3
  8. 2 free games on steam this weekend

    Should note this is temporarily free till Sunday, then you have to pay to keep playing.
  10. COH2 for free at humble bundle (Company of Heroes 2)

    sweet thanks!
  11. Free for next 2 days get it fast so Muppet can 1v1 you!
  12. Personal Pictures

    The one in NY is totally overhyped and overpriced. I'm lucky to have one a couple miles away from me in Woodbridge and it is amazing.
  13. Personal Pictures

    Can you believe I only had my first real Pastrami this summer... Perhaps this place is overhyped and it's definitely not cheap, but what a great introduction to a Pastrami sandwich!
  14. Happy Birthday Gougeon!

    Did somebody misspell ban request? happy belated!
  15. Personal Pictures

    Katz deli!
  16. Personal Pictures

    A few years ago, but my expression is priceless.
  17. Happy Birthday Gougeon!

    Thanks Guys!
  18. Personal Pictures

    So you guys have an idea who's behind that weird name... This summer in NYC, kudo's for who knows where this pic was taken
  19. Mouse recommendation

    Is that an alien that hasn't hatched or a mouse?
  20. Happy Birthday Gougeon!

    Hey little chicken fingers! Happy day of berffffff
  21. Mouse recommendation

    should've gotten one of these babies
  22. Mouse recommendation

    Finding a mouse can be a very personal experience much like finding a pair of shoes. Other than how they look, it mostly comes down to how it feels and performs. Glad you found a comfortable fit! Enjoy
  23. Mouse recommendation

    Thanks for the tips guys, I ended up buying the logitech g403 it fit my grip the best.
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  25. [Accepted - 325] Enlistment - Myron Schaessens

    Welcome to the 1st Marine Raider Battalion! Now that you have been accepted don't forget to: 1. Check in at the Recruit Depot 2. Read the Marine Raider Handbook (you are expected to know everything in it) 3. Change your steam friends Avatar 4. Download, install and log into Ventrilo (Optional) 5. If you have a MAC computer, you will need to download and install our BCT map: CLICK HERE for instructions. NOTE: Please be aware that you will not have access to the above links until an officer has given you full access to the forum. Access to the forum should be given to you within the next day.
  26. [Accepted - 325] Enlistment - Myron Schaessens

    The time is in EU time, meaning at 20:00. C. Wilson
  27. Ban Request: Shrekmaster420

    Ah thanks! I had to run off shortly after taking that shot.
  28. Ban Request: Shrekmaster420

    I managed to ban him while he was on the server.
  29. Ban Request: Shrekmaster420

    Name: Shrekmaster420 Steam I.D: U:1:296852587 / STEAM_0:1:148426293 Reasons for the Ban: Lots of team killing, on top of which extremely annoying mic spam Recommended duration of ban: At your discresion Demo Provided?: Y/N screenshot attached
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