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  2. Ban Request Runic

    Permanently banned for use of the N word. We do not tolerate this type of language on this server.
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  4. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    This is a 8 year old computer, any other technicians have input on whats best for Holquist here? It now has Windows 7 as well.
  5. Ban Request Runic

    Name: Runic Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:32635818 Reasons for the Ban: Racisim Recommended duration of ban: Perm Demo Provided?: Y/N N but have a screen shot if needed
  6. Name: confusedstranger Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:226969547 Duration of Ban: Perm Reasons for the Ban: Racism. Obnoxious mic spamming. Demo Provided?: N Comments: None
  7. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    1stLt. Candy asked me to post this.
  8. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    ATI Radeon HD 4600 Series
  9. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    In talking to you last night I failed to ask you, since this is a Dell there is a possibility the graphics card is not stand alone and built into the motherboard. If you can go into the Device manager and tell us what video card it says you have that would also be helpful. A built-in video card would have to be disabled to install a stand alone. Click Windows Button>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound and "Device Manager" will be a link under Devices and Printers. Once in the Device manager relay back to us what the "display Adapter" is in the list. If you want to screen shot like you did in the last post that will work as well.
  10. Pending reply - Can't Exit Menu's in DoD

    Excellent. Thanks Yama, we gonna have to put you on the payroll! heh Seriously though, thank you good sir! Ticket closed.
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  12. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

  13. Pending reply - Can't Exit Menu's in DoD

    That worked! Thanks! *Resolved*
  14. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    Picking a video card you need to consider a few things: -How much money can you comfortably spend -What type of games are you playing -Is your computer hardware and software compatible If you could post your computer specs that would help. I am a Nvidia fan personally but a lot of the new AMD/ATI cards are very comparable in performance and price. I am using a NVidia 970 8GB and I pretty much run everything, even with 5 year old components(I dont even have DDR4 memory) When we figure out what card you want we can assist you with installation, we can link a video tutorial or give you instructions.
  15. Pending reply - Can't Exit Menu's in DoD

    I will test it out tonight. Thanks!
  16. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    Oh and I don't know how to install them either. I know pretty much jack squat about them.
  17. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    NVIDIA GTX960 8GB VDDR5 RAM is what I currently run and am able to push most games I play to max settings. However I don't play a lot of the new AAA titles so that may be a factor u need to consider.
  18. Pending reply - Can't Exit Menu's in DoD

    Did Yama's suggestion help you with the problem Viktor?
  19. Pending reply - Can't Exit Menu's in DoD

    Try binding 0 to slot 10 bind "0" "slot10"
  20. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    Name: Sam Holquist Rank: Sgt. Type of issue: (Software, Hardware, Steam, Not sure) Hardware Brief Description of Issue: I need a new graphics card badly. My current card is from 2008. IDK what to get though ***Medical Supply Staff ONLY Below this line*** Current Status: Pending Reply Researching Resolved Unresolved Main Technician: Supporting Technician:
  21. Dungeons and Dragons

    Right?! Haha, but that's if they follow through though.
  22. Name: Z. Viktor Rank: WO Type of issue: (Software, Hardware, Steam, Not sure) Software. Admin menu. Brief Description of Issue: Every time the menu is brought up, I cannot exit by pressing 0. 0 has not been bound to anything. ***Medical Supply Staff ONLY Below this line*** Current Status: Pending Reply Researching Resolved Unresolved Main Technician: Supporting Technician: J. Candy
  23. Dungeons and Dragons

    I Send a message to the first 5 to respond and will try to get a date that will work for all of us. If it workes and go over smoot i will see if there are peeps who want to do a campaing. so sorry for evryone who responded after Kannon. I will do this one off whit the first feew guys. And will see how it will turn out. Than after the first try i will see who wants to do a campaign and ad a max of 6 players because i think that is the max i can handel. Further info for the players i m planning on using 5e sinds it makes combat eassier and allows me to make it fun for more players. I got PDFs of the playerhandbook that i can share whit u guys. When i get your availebility I can get to work on making the oneoff. If it is fun I would like to make it a monthly thing. If not well.... ps. here is the planning website for when you missed the message!!! ( it is probably gonna be a saturday)
  24. Dungeons and Dragons

    Happy to see people playing D&D, have fun folks! Also, 7 players so far? Hoo boy, you've got your work cut out for you, DM!
  25. Resolved - Can't read own chat in game

    Looks as though Brown saves the day. Ticket Closed.
  26. Resolved - Can't read own chat in game

    lol YAY! starting from scratch is best way to fix all things!
  27. [Accepted -319] Enlistment - Wayne Smith

    Welcome to the 1st Marine Raider Battalion! Now that you have been accepted don't forget to: 1. Check in at the Recruit Depot 2. Read the Marine Raider Handbook (you are expected to know everything in it) 3. Change your steam friends Avatar 4. Download, install and log into Ventrilo (Optional) 5. If you have a MAC computer, you will need to download and install our BCT map: CLICK HERE for instructions. NOTE: Please be aware that you will not have access to the above links until an officer has given you full access to the forum. Access to the forum should be given to you within the next day.
  28. Dungeons and Dragons

    Count me in!
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