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    • Anyone else disgusted by the price?
    • I'm sorry, but we have a zero tolerance policy for bigotry and the remarks you made. You have also been banned numerous times in the past for spamming. You are responsible for your actions when you are in the server, and when you say "Won't happen again" I don't really believe you considering your ban history. This request is denied.
    •   So Heroes of the Storm 2.0 Released earlier this month on the 25th, And for i believe the next week or so, anyone who logs in gets enough gems for a 20 hero bundle more or less for free, The link above shows off the four bundles and the heroes in each, It's actually a pretty amazing deal considering each bundle is 100 Gems, if you decide to play choose carefully though, Once you buy one of the bundles the remaining 3 become unbuyable.
    • Name:  ChiliGuy!!!
      Steam I.D:   U:1:121842014
      Date & Time of ban: Apr 10, 2017 3:19:03 pm
      Admin who banned you: Shank
      Reason we should Unban: I'm sorry. I was drunk and I wasn't really thinking straight. Won't happen again, either way - Thankyu  
    • Welcome back Sergeant Rune Boone. Please check into 3rd Platoon, 1st Squad and then change your Steam avatar following the linked instructions.