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    • Name: SoulessRJ STEAM_0:0:31294799
      Duration of Ban: 1 week
      Reasons for the Ban: intentional TW in respawn, shooting through team mates
      Demo Provided?: screenshot of the last time he killed me, he fired an MG in respawn area, giving me damage and other pubers, he punched Darcy Bunker in respawn area, etc.
    • Why is this in the Politics section? IDK!!!! Guns, shooting, why not? I have questions that maybe someone can answer.   Watch it first.         Ok so you watched it, did you like it? I don't really care, just answer these:   1. Why are there so many fucking boxes in this house? 
      2. Is this some kind of storage house for stolen products? Is that why they were getting robbed? 
      3. Based on her voice, she is not originally from the US, so what are the gun laws for people who are not citizens (lets assume she isn't a citizen)?  4. At the end of it, she's shooting out the front door probably missing and putting bullets into her neighbors house. Can she be charged for that?
      5.  Dat home surveillance doe. Not a question.
    • Name: AusMerc   Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:63311870   Reasons for the Ban: Team Killing and Team Wounding. After being warned multiple times about his team wounding he set up outside our spawn and would occasionally do it so i went spectate to catch him and he stopped on the next map he set up outside our spawn with a MG mowed down 5 or 6 people and left   Recommended duration of ban: 1 week   Demo Provided?: Y/N