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How can I donate?

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How can I donate?

You can click on the link that says donate on the homepage of the website or you can follow this link: Donate!

When you donate to our server, it donates to the Paypal account that is tied directly to the Gameservers account which purchased the servers. In this case, Major Quarterman has ownership to the account, but the command staff has access to see the funds, and where they are distributed. Money donated to the servers travels directly into the servers themselves, so to speak. We are charged monthly for the servers to stay online, this includes the Public server, the Private server, the Ventrilo server, and the Website hosting. All of these are automatically charged to the PayPal account when the billing period is due.

One Time Payments will only charge you once, but are limited to once per week.

Recurring Payments will charge you depending on the time period you choose, for example, you could set a recurring payment for $10 every three months until you cancel the subscription.

Click here for instructions on how to cancel a recurring payment. To read the announcement about the payment changes, click here.

Refunds can be given up to 30 days after purchase, but must be requested personally.

Questions? Email us at

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