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Penkauskas 1st MRB

[Approved] Re-enlistment - Calvin Penkauskas

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Re-enlistment - Calvin Penkauskas

First Name: Calvin 
Last Name: Penkauskas

In-game name: Ret. C. Penkauskas [1st MRB] 
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:37397426

Game of Primary Activity: Day of Defeat

Date of Birth: 07-30-1992 
Location: Eugene, Oregon


Why do you wish to re-join the 1st Marine Raiders?: In the years since I've retired, I created a new routine of full time work and going to university. It has been a grind, but I always had an outlet for DOD:S. The 1st Marine Raider community has been a blessing for me. After much thought and commitment, I hope to participate in a much more formal way once again. 

Did any of our current members play a part in your re-enlisting? If so, who?: Too many to list, I love you all.

How are you today?: Tired, but woe is life.


What rank did you have before you left?: SSgt.

Retirement/Resignation Date?: 2014?

What were the main reasons for leaving the 1st MRB?: Inability to manage new routine(university, work) and participate in a beneficial way to the unit. 


Parting Comments: #respect 

By posting this Enlistment form, I acknowledge that my returning rank is subject to change and agree that I have and will follow server and unit rules maturely and respectfully or face immediate rejection.

    Signed, Calvin Penkauskas

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Welcome back Pfc. C. Penkauskas !! Please check in with your Platoon Command Staff or message me and we can choose one for you. Don't forget to change your avatar! Good to see you back! 

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