Yamagata 1st MRB

Able :: Third Platoon

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Platoon Commanding Officer: Chief Warrant Officer Anton Reis

Platoon SNCO: Master Sergeant Jonathan Anderson

Platoon Sergeant: Gunnery Sergeant Spencer Ripley

Platoon Clerk: Master Sergeant Zino Duckers


1st Squad

SQUAD LEADER:  Technical Sergeant David Hamer


FIRE TEAM LEADER: Technical Sergeant Matt Mongillo


Corporal Ian Keith


Corporal Sebastián Olave





2nd Squad

SQUAD LEADER: First Sergeant Casper Wilson


FIRE TEAM LEADER: Sergeant Rune Boone


Staff Sergeant Timmie Persson


Corporal Håkan Elf


Private First Class Justin Hull


Private Alice Dubois






Total : (14)











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