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Yamagata 1st MRB

Battalion HQ

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Battalion Commanding Officer:  Major Keith Quarterman

Battalion Executive Officer: Captain Michael McDowell

Command Personnel and Administrative Officer: N/A

Battalion Chief of Staff: 

Battalion Public Affairs Officers: Captain Michael McDowell & Major Keith Quarterman

Battalion Clerk: Second Lieutenant Anton Reis

Battalion Training Officer: Captain Shea Magoo

Battalion Sergeant Major: 

Auxiliary Staff

Second Lieutenant Alex Rather - Logistics
First Lieutenant James Candy - Quartermaster
Warrant Officer Sami Musleh - Recruiting
First Sergeant Rob Vicari - Intelligence
Chief Warrant Officer Tony Booher -  Training Officer
First Lieutenant James Candy - Medical Supply Officer





  Major Keith Quarterman


Captain Shea Magoo

Captain Michael McDowell


First Lieutenant Liam Barry

First Lieutenant James Candy

First Lieutenant Philip Jankovski


Second Lieutenant Cody Marsden

Second Lieutenant Alex Rather

Second Lieutenant Anton Reis


Chief Warrant Officer Tony Booher


Warrant Officer Joshua Gougeon

Warrant Officer Sean Larson

Warrant Officer Sami Musleh


~Senior Non-Commissioned Officers~

Sergeant Major Alex Arsenault

Sergeant Major John Logue

Sergeant Major Gordon Werner


First Sergeant Jonathan Anderson

First Sergeant Tim Brown

First Sergeant Casey Duncan

First Sergeant Eric Konig

First Sergeant Daniel Lystad

First Sergeant Evan Small

First Sergeant Rob Vicari

First Sergeant Casper Wilson


Master Sergeant Zino Duckers

Master Sergeant Ron Gilmore

Master Sergeant Viktor Kanon

Master Sergeant John Miller

Master Sergeant Spencer Ripley

Master Sergeant Joseph Samuels

Master Sergeant David Sanborne



Gunnery Sergeant Ben Armstrong

Gunnery Sergeant Haik Beglar

Gunnery Sergeant Tyler Dillon

Gunnery Sergeant David LaGesse

Gunnery Sergeant Omar McClendon

Gunnery Sergeant William Newman

Gunnery Sergeant Bernard O'Hare

Gunnery Sergeant Rick Shank

Gunnery Sergeant Cameron Stephenson

Gunnery Sergeant John Weatherdon


Technical Sergeant Karl Brooks
Technical Sergeant Andrew Bryant

Technical Sergeant Marcus Göthe

Technical Sergeant David Hamer

Technical Sergeant Smokey Magic

Technical Sergeant David Moffat

Technical Sergeant Matt Mongillo

Technical Sergeant Aykut Ucar

Technical Sergeant Scott Woz



~Non-Commissioned Officers~

Staff Sergeant Rick Almeida

Staff Sergeant Joshua Ascencio

Staff Sergeant Brandon Corrente

Staff Sergeant Shawn Davenport

Staff Sergeant Kristopher Mohan

Staff Sergeant Joseph OGara

Staff Sergeant Rodrigo Pardo

Staff Sergeant Timmie Persson

Staff Sergeant Denis Pilon

Staff Sergeant Steve Sorley


Sergeant Edmund Anderson

Sergeant Joselius Avila

Sergeant Thomas Donkin

Sergeant Nick Drane

Sergeant Joshua Druken

Sergeant Håkan Elf

Sergeant Kip Gardner

Sergeant Sam Holquist

Sergeant Samuel Hunter

Sergeant Reuben Koontz

Sergeant Thomas Little

Sergeant Jon Magic

Sergeant Matthieu Paul

Sergeant Sam Peaker

Sergeant Allen Santiago

Sergeant Dylan Shuck

Sergeant Alice Wagner

Sergeant Shawn Warren


Corporal Charles Anicich

Corporal JP Fowler

Corporal Jake Gavin

Corporal Ian Keith

Corporal Thomas Kraser

Corporal Calvin Penkauskas

Corporal Martin Sørensen





Private First Class Yan Dubois
Private First Class Eric Matovich
Private First Class Henrik Nielsen
Private First Class Justin Hull

Private First Class Cameron Smith

Private First Class Jason Taylor

Private First Class Bob Wimmer


Private Eric Cheatwood

Private Genevieve Eshkibok

Private Justin Famah

Private Michael Hottle

Private Tyler Moreau

Private Matt Taeatua



(96 Total)

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