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Last Day of Preseason Enrollment

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Today is the Last day for PreSeason Enrollments

The UWFL invites you to participate in our new "Pre Season" event leading up to our third annual regular season competition. The pre-season is a two week, two match event that acts as a "test" phase for new contestants and UWFL units to learn the ropes of UWFL play. Normal rules are removed for this event in order for new UWFL units to have pressure taken off their shoulders in case they make a mistake because when the regular season starts, the rules will be enforced again. We highly encourage ANY units out there thinking of playing in the league to enroll today for the preseason. All it is is two weeks. If you do not like it then that is it. Enrollments for the regular season will be held for one week AFTER preseason ends. So you are by no means "forced" to play the regular season if you do not want to. So if you have enough members to be able to bring 10 fellow unit comrades to the event speak to your command and point them to the UWFL for sign ups.

To enroll in the event please go to our Season 3 website and follow the enroll links:
..::United Warfare Season 3 Website::..

Already we are seeing a large showing for this event. So far these units have enrolled. Some are on hiatus because of number problems however for the most part, you can be guaranteed you will see and potentially play units from across the globe who before you may have never met making the UWFL your number one realism league for the DODS Realism Community!

8th Infantry Division
22nd Royal Regiment
3rd Ranger Battalion
502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment
504th Parachute Infantry Regiment
31st Infantry Division
1st Special Air Service
6th Infantry Division
11th Airborne Division
94th Infantry Division
506th Parachute Infantry Regiment

Join the fun. Where else can you have the opportunity to compete against so many players like yourself? Whether for wins and glory or fun and entertainment, each UWFL match comes with its own brand of heightened senses and sweaty palms. Take it from the veterans, you will never know what the rush is like until youve experienced it first hand!

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