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    Chantz and I met up with Viktor at a good restaurant in Pittsburgh. And yes in the picture I'm the tall One, chantz is the girl.... and Viktor is giving the international sign of Friendship...
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    Enjoy! https://www.humblebundle.com/store?hmb_campaign=summer_sale_2017&hmb_source=bundle_page&hmb_medium=banner_cross
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    Damn, y'all some pretty people.
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    So when I was about 13-14, my great grandfather gave me a flash drive with his diary from his time in the Air Force during WWII. I ended up losing it due to carelessness and moving. But last night, I FOUND IT!!! So here it is, enjoy! FYI, my great grandfather was William F. Neilson. Battle Diary of the 69th Bomb Squadron.doc
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    this just some basic editing
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    Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands AND Day of Infamy is free to play all weekend on steam!!!
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    You mean the Peace among worlds sign.
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    Viktor ... you are literally what i thought you would look like. Now go grab a rocket.
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    I think I have a man crush for Viktor so handsome
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    Name: Tink Tink Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:220722460 With GameMe page http://1stmarineraiders.gameme.com/playerinfo/234957 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Wallhack and aimbot Demo Provided?: http://www.filedropper.com/tinktink Yes. This footage is taken from eGO server. But one of your members has requested assistance from me to get the evidence to ban him. Comments: 1) Tick 14700. With wireframes the suspect knows where to look for at 2nd axis flag. It can be argued that this is a normal location to check. Fair enough. But from this point on the demo footage is about to get full blatant. 2) Tick 15000. After suspect kills player. Pause. Wireframes show there is a player behind rock/rumble near the lamp post. Without wireframes the enemy is not visible. The suspect begins to approach the player behind this rock. There is a clear enemy in sigh at tick 15450. But observe how the suspect delibrately ignores that enemy because he eyed on the enemy behind the rock. At tick 15600 the suspect starts insta-shooting the enemy as he is going around the corner. 3) Tick 15600. After suspect kills enemy the suspect now hides behind the rock. Wait until tick 16000. There is an enemy approaching the rock. It is visible with wireframes on. But not visible with wireframes off. At tick 16400 the suspect is staring at the enemy behind the rock. The suspect is waiting for the enemy to move and fires at the enemy when the enemy goes into visible position. 4) Tick 18800. Turn wireframes off here. There is an enemy behind the door. The enemy is not visible. Slow down the footage to about 50% speed. And watch in slow-mo how the suspect is blasting at the door without any sign that there is somebody there. 5) Tick 20100. There is an enemy lying in the prone position on the triangle at the church. Unfortunately the wireframes do not show this position. However, watch this segment and you will eventually see the enemy lying there. For the time being focus at the enemy lying in the prone position at the arch and reduce speed to 50%. The suspect is shooting the enemy. There is recoil control with his aiming software. The moment the enemy is dead observe how his recoil instantly flies up into the air. This is because his aiming software stopped focusing his mouse at a fixed position. Players who genuinely control recoil will have their recoil remain in the fixed position after killing the enemy. This segment continues until tick 20800. Where the suspect automatically locks onto the lying prone enemy on the triangle and shoots at him. 6) Tick 21000. This is the most blatant clip. The suspect shoots, and hits, a non-visible enemy. Turn off wireframes. Observe how the enemy is not even visible on screen. But the suspect is pre-firing at the position of the enemy.
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    Hey guys. Today has been a shocking day for me after seeying the happenings in Spain/Catalonia. For those of you who do not know Catalonia, it is a region in the east of spain that wants to claim indepence by peacefull matters. Historically seen they dont belong to Spain and even speak a different language. For years they have been supressed by the Spanish government. For example they were not allowed to learn there own language in schools anymore. It is by far the richest region of Spain and therefore Spain does not want to lose it. Today they held a referendum to show the world that the major part of catalonia votes yes for independence. Spanish government does not recognise this referendum and says its illigal. therefor they send 3 ships full of guardia civil (riot police) from the other side of the country. Why? Why all the way from the other side? simple, loyalty, as the mossos (catalonian police) choice the rightfull side of there own people. Catalan civilians knew they would try all which is in there power to block the voiting so they tried to PEACEFULLY protect voting bureaus from the guardia civil. Have a look on how they reacted on that.... To be honnest this makes me think of an african country in the middle of a war. Seeing a ''democratic'' country as spain do something like this is sad, terrible... i cant even find a decent word to describe what i feel. People pulled by the hair, thrown of stairs, rubber bullets the size of golf balls... Catalonian police and firemen try to form a buffer against the unprecedented violence of the guardia civil in a desperate matter to protect the civilians. There was NEVER any reason to do such a harm to those people. none of them deserved that. The spanish prime ministers and deputy prime minister said that the sanctions the guardia civil did towards the catalan people were correct, professional and proportional. NOTHING was rightfull, not even one guardia civil had the right to raise his matrak. I am deeply ashamed that the European union has not said a word about this. We as EU stand for democracy and human rights but apperantly only outside our territories. We, who are always the first to point the finger at other countries just let this be? No single politicians has replied accept for the slovinian president and our own belgian prime minister. Not a single one. These people earn there independance and should be supported by the european union in there political struggle for independance. This is a video a could find but i've seen some videos that were way worse, didnt manage to find them back yet...
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    http://store.steampowered.com/app/251950/World_War_II_Online/ 'Free to play' WW2 combined arms FPSMMO. Recently released on Steam but originally released in 2001. One month free trial for Steam users and then subscription or you can just play for free with a limited amount of equipment. Huge variety of roles from all kinds of infantry to flying bombers and fighter planes, tanks, trucks, anti-air and anti-tank guns or boats from small patrol boats to destroyers. Play as a German on axis or British, French or American on allies. Campaigns are centered around capturing buildings as infantry with various functions such as infantry spawn or vehicle spawn and in turn taking entire towns and cities of varying sizes. The map is the largest ever made for a game at 'over 350,000 km2(135,136 sq mi), with most play occurring in a 52,000 km2 (20,077 sq mi) central area in which most capturable cities, airfields and ports have been placed'. This area is essentially a half scale map of much of Western Europe. Campaigns are led by voluntary high command players who choose what supply is going to which town and where attacks will take place. Battles for towns and cities can go on for weeks, campaigns can go on for months. Not a game for everyone. There is a steep learning curve, the graphics are functional (to put it politely) and there is a huge amount to learn. When the game is really great, as it has been since release on Steam beause the population is now excellent, the battles are fantastic. A few nights ago a battle for a town lasted two hours and involved at least 150 people on each side including tank columns rolling in, paratroopers being dropped overhead as a dogfight with scores of planes was happening overhead and many related battles of all kinds for miles around the objective. I could go on, this game is really deep. I doubt most people will really enjoy this game but for sheer ambition and uniqueness I highly recommend it to any FPS and/or WW2 fan.
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    Name: Pvt. Ward [505th PIR] Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:196611552 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Player has 5 bans on record. Player is no longer welcome on our server. Demo Provided?: Y/N Comments:
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