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    Wow you're being serious. Thanks for the laugh Cannon. This account with also be banned as well as any others you make. There will never be a place for you in any of our servers after the stunts you pulled.
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    So you guys have an idea who's behind that weird name... This summer in NYC, kudo's for who knows where this pic was taken
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    Name: Chris2233 Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:305285 Duration of Ban: Perm Reasons for the Ban: Circumventing prior bans, Wall hacks, Demo Provided?: Y/N Comments: Spoke to 1st Lt Jankovski on the topic before taking action,
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    Man Toto i'm sorry to break it to you but you have no hair on your head :'( <3
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    Did somebody misspell ban request? happy belated!
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    Happy Birthday my friend, and many more!
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    A few years ago, but my expression is priceless.
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    Is that an alien that hasn't hatched or a mouse?
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    Happy anniversary Göthe! Hope it's a good one, enjoy
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    this user has been banned permanently, thank you for bringing this to our attention,
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    I feel that this is true as well. I've spectated Chris for a while and saw things that were similar to the previous bans were for, however he brings it down when ever I join spec.
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    The smashed shoulder plate looks great.
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    Yea lol. I saw the wall and I stand by what I said.
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    STEAM_0:0:40707329 I had it from an earlier incident.
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    At this time there is no weapon restrictions until December 4th!. Enjoy Raiders!
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