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    Considering your attitude on your post, and the attitude you were giving admins in the server. I don't think you quite understand why you were banned. When we are dealing with a situation (and trust me, we were looking into it) and have someone belligerently talking into their mic for us to handle it, is disrespectful. We were in the middle of trying to take care of it, but when you were asked to relax you immediately jump down our throats saying that it needs to be taken care of immediately. Considering it didn't seem like you were going to stop, you were kicked. Upon return again you start arguing with us over the microphone and became even more irate. Subsequently you were banned for your complete lack of respect and for your attitude on the server. And this isn't your first ban either, you were banned for 2 other instances of disrespecting players/admins. In conclusion, your unban request is denied. If anyone wants to override this decision feel free to.
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    Banned for a week, we do not tolerate this type of behavior on our server. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
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    Damn Americans and their love for fireworks and other red neck things. Glad to hear from you.
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    I Send a message to the first 5 to respond and will try to get a date that will work for all of us. If it workes and go over smoot i will see if there are peeps who want to do a campaing. so sorry for evryone who responded after Kannon. I will do this one off whit the first feew guys. And will see how it will turn out. Than after the first try i will see who wants to do a campaign and ad a max of 6 players because i think that is the max i can handel. Further info for the players i m planning on using 5e sinds it makes combat eassier and allows me to make it fun for more players. I got PDFs of the playerhandbook that i can share whit u guys. When i get your availebility I can get to work on making the oneoff. If it is fun I would like to make it a monthly thing. If not well.... ps. here is the planning website for when you missed the message!!! https://doodle.com/poll/ia7pni7rgspizx2p ( it is probably gonna be a saturday)
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    lol YAY! starting from scratch is best way to fix all things!
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    You could either try inputting hud_saytext "1" in console and see if that does anything. If your console.txt is set to read only though, you'll have to turn the text file off read-only, then either open game and type that OR go into the text file itself and control-F for that line, see if it's a 0 (which means disabled) or 1 (which means on). edit: If this doesn't help, and you have your console text file open, search for this line hud_saytext_time "5" That clarifies how long the chat lines stay up, if its set for 0, the latest update may have allowed that to completely remove chat. 5 is default.
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    I will look into possibilities. Meanwhile, do you use any mods/add-ons that may affect this? If so have you tried going back to vanilla/reinstall to see if it is fixed? Just a few things I can think of off the top of my head. Any other technicians have any ideas?
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    Very inspiring, sir! I recently moved out to Seattle and I've been getting into home exercises myself. Don't really have weights or anything like that...just some good 'ol pushups, situps, planks, and a one-hour run. Cardio definitely helps. Glad to see that you're working to better yourself!
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    This alone is enough to make me want to walk on the other side of the street if I saw you. But glad to hear you're getting into that, I personally have been trying to keep myself in shape and like to go to the gym twice a week if I can. Granted I may not have the capability to crush a human skull with my bare hands any time soon, but it'll be enough to make me feel good.
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    Get a haircut you hippie.
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    First Name: Marcus Last Name: Göthe In-game name: Göthe Steam ID (ex. STEAM_0:1:298): STEAM_0:1:37533141 Game of Primary Activity (Choose One): (Day of Defeat: Source, Days of War): Day of Defeat: Source Date of Birth: 5Dec1995 Location: Katrineholm, Södermanland, Sverige _______________________ Why do you wish to re-join the 1st Marine Raiders?: Miss it a bit mostly the realism part, and because nobody invites me to realisms even tho I'm Ret. Did any of our current members play a part in your re-enlisting? If so, who?: All of the who said they missed me a bit How are you today?: Yes ________________ What rank did you have before you left?: MSgt. Retirement/Resignation Date?: Apr 23 2017 What were the main reasons for leaving the 1st MRB?: At the time I felt the unit was in an unstable place and I was having some personal problems with a few things in my life _______________________ Parting Comments: Hello. Again. By posting this Enlistment form, I acknowledge that my returning rank is subject to change and agree that I have and will follow server and unit rules maturely and respectfully or face immediate rejection. Signed, Marcus Göthe
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    Name: Mr .V Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:218711994 Duration of Ban: Permaban Reasons for the Ban: Blatant Aimbot with c96 Demo Provided?: N Comments:
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    1st MRB Newsletter JULY-AUGUST 2017
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    Good to hear from you Turner. Hope you can get back to some Realisms and stuff soon!
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