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  1. Civilization III - Free

    Hmmm .. who indeed?
  2. Civilization III - Free

    As a fan of the series, I couldn't pass up an opportunity. Thought I'd share with you guys as well!
  3. Twas a Viktor meet and great!

    Damnit, Larson beat me to it ..
  4. **Salute** 1st MRB

    Always a pleasure to see another unit come up! Welcome to the forums Major Myles! From everything I've heard so far it looks like you're already set up on a great start for your unit, I'm sure we'd love to set up a realism sometime in the future together! Just reach out to myself or Major Quarterman to get something scheduled I'll try to hop in your server sometime and play with you guys!
  5. Favorite VOIP Program

    You the real MVP Yama Thanks for the help!
  6. Favorite VOIP Program

    (Apologies on the dark text on dark background .. working to get that fixed!)
  7. Favorite VOIP Program

    I'm genuinely curious because I have so many installed for the different groups I play with, what's your favorite VOIP program to use for gaming?
  8. Crowfall

    It's pretty interesting so far .. PVP needs a bit of balancing, but of course that will come with fixes. (It is currently pre-alpha right now after all) Numbers can definitely turn a tide in battle.. it gets really interesting when there's a group of people against another group of people! Gathering materials in groups is almost a must! Saves you from getting ganked by some random and lets you collect res faster. Looking forward to seeing more and new aspects to the game as it develops!
  9. Payday 2 goes free on Steam!!

    T_T and here I paid 60 bucks when it came out .. along with some DLC ...
  10. Crowfall

    Definitely sounds like an interesting game style. A strategy/MMO or as they call it.. "Throne War Simulator" I bought in already, so I'll be playing in the pre-alpha 5 game this weekend. If you wanna check out some of how the world works, you can check it out on their site here: Crafting is going to be insane and a completely player driven economy. No more will there be oh there's one set of the best gear of all time. EVERYTHING has a decay to it. Your weapons and armor WILL eventually be destroyed and become unuseable which will require you to get or make a new set. Their kickstarter raised 1.8 million for the initial game, and in additional crowdfunding they've amassed $12,415,073.00 so far. So, what do you think? Think this could be successful?
  11. Taaaaaaaaaaabs

    Pssssh you wish Sanborne lol, but sadly I do know which tab everything is at and regularly switch between them all lol
  12. Taaaaaaaaaaabs

    WHY DO I ALWAYS HAVE SO MANY OPEN!? I think I have a problem..
  13. Lost Admin

    Hmm .. seems you're missing from the main Battalion Roster. That would definitely explain why you're missing your admin. I'll re-add you to both the roster and for your admin. You haven't been MIA have you? Seems you're missing from every roster. Both Able and Baker Company.
  14. Lost Admin

    That might have been my fault, I was pruning the list of those who were no longer in the unit and still had admin for some reason. You should be good now. Let me know if you have any issues.
  15. Unban Request - Eskay

    I've went ahead and unbanned you. It might have been from Team Killing or something similar previously, so I'd like to stress to please follow the rules in the Public Server. Happy Fraggin' and hopefully we'll see you in the pub soon!