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  1. Weapon Incentives

    At this time there is no weapon restrictions until December 4th!. Enjoy Raiders!
  2. Unban Request :: Cannon

    Wow you're being serious. Thanks for the laugh Cannon. This account with also be banned as well as any others you make. There will never be a place for you in any of our servers after the stunts you pulled.
  3. Weapon Incentives

    Hmmmm all the way down to 7th for rank. I've re added 1 week of no weapon restrictions if we reach 3rd. Lets try and get there!
  4. Civilization III - Free

    Who are you?
  5. Ban request: Pfc. Calabre [509th PIR]

    Banned for a week.
  6. Ban Request: Mr. Snipes

    Thank you for posting, ban request is under review.
  7. Ban request: {tc} Rocco's Modern Life

    Upgraded to permanent.
  8. [Accepted - 322 ] Enlistment - Chase McElyea

    Thanks you for taking an interest in joining the 1st MRB. The steam ID that you posted is of a private in our unit. What is your steam ID.
  9. First time using GIMP

    Looking good Holquist. Keep up the good work! Practice makes perfect.
  10. More great maps for the pub!!! Private,too!

    I would have to check, maybe b2. There are a ton of different versions on game banana. Next time I am on there, I'll keep an eye out for different versions or if you have the links handy you can post them here.
  11. Solar Eclipse!

    I sun just seemed bright as fuck in western Canada. It was lame.
  12. Favorite Western movie

    Your taste in movies is like your skill against me in a realism....terrible
  13. More great maps for the pub!!! Private,too!

    All these are on the pvt server but unfortunately rails doesn't allow either team to leave spawn during set up. As for the pub, I'll upload some of them during the next FNFN which will be near the beginning of sept.
  14. Game of Thrones discussion (Spoilers)

    Yeah I don't see that either. I think he might be done with this season.
  15. Game of Thrones discussion (Spoilers)

    Alright, lets bring this thread back from the dead like Jon Snow. Who here thinks Jamie is still alive?