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  1. Ban Request: "ImmortaL"

    Banned for 2 days.
  2. Ban Request: "EINSATZGRUPPEN"

    Banned 3 weeks for -40 score and 3rd ban
  3. he is team kill

    Both players already banned by myself. Topic closed.
  4. FZY & mMh

    Fzy banned for 2 weeks. mMh banned for 1 month.
  5. [Withdrawn] Enlistment - Tobias Ramlau

    Hi Tobias, Enlistment withdrawn. C. Wilson
  6. Name: Pvt. Ward [505th PIR] Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:196611552 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Player has 5 bans on record. Player is no longer welcome on our server. Demo Provided?: Y/N Comments:
  7. Ban request :: arma3torsk

    Banned 1 week.
  8. Ban Request: ДРОН

    Banned 1 week.
  9. Ban Request: Hannibal

    Banned 5 days.
  10. Ban Request: "Ваня"

    Already banned by another admin, thanks for posting!
  11. Name: JP | Krat AKA "JeepGuy" Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:103573638 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Inpersonating a 1st MRB member - "Sgt. Haynes" Demo Provided?: Y/N Comments:
  12. Ban Request: Pfc. visioneD [70th ID]

    At this time I'm not going to ban you but you need to follow the server rules just like everyone else. Yes we all make mistakes hitting the wrong button so nothing more to say to that. Next time I see you "trying to recruit" by hitting the wrong button I'm going to permanently ban you. I strongly suggest un-binding that bind while playing on our server. Unless a higher ranking MP or Officer decides to ban you, you will stay un-banned Signed, C, Wilson, Senior MP
  13. Ban JeepGuy

    Permanent banned for impersonating a 1st MRB member.
  14. Ban Request: Doctor Zaius

    All of this is under review. Someone will respond soon.
  15. Ban Kosmos

    Already banned by another admin.