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  1. Ban Request: ,,

    I jumped on and banned for one day.
  2. Ban Request: КУСненький

    I jumped on and banned for one day.
  3. Mouse recommendation

    Coolermaster Storm Sentinel (not sure of model). I bought mine years ago, the thing is tough as nails. I also have big hands but i don't palm grip so it might be okay for you.
  4. Frag video

    Nice frag movie. That bunny hop is impressive.
  5. Peaky Blinders

    Anyone else into this TV program? For those who don't know it is about a family of gangster gypsies from Birmingham (England) set after the first world war. The fourth series is three episodes in as of last night. As an epic gangster drama set after WW1 it obviously draws a lot of comparisons with Boardwalk Empire which I also enjoyed immensely. The current season seems to be pandering to American audiences which is a shame but the new cast members have introduced some great new characters.
  6. Death Guard Painting Series

    The smashed shoulder plate looks great.
  7. 1stLt. L. Barry - Kar98k

    Blatant hax.
  8. 1st MRB Newsletter October-November 2017

    Very nice guys. The realism news was much appreciated.
  9. Stickers On Guitar

    Iggy next to that sticker.
  10. Stickers On Guitar

    I think I've run out of space now...almost.
  11. Guide to Sweden.

    I found this much funnier the second time around once I turned subtitles on.
  12. Elf 1st MRB - Two taps

    Hacks! Nice video.
  13. Catalan independence

    There is a lot of support for Catalonian independence here in Wales. I have met members of their autonomy movement here in the past.
  14. Catalan independence

    I just read Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell. Spain should be ashamed. The Basque state will be the next to separate and they will use extreme force and violence to do so.
  15. World War II Online

    The graphics have improved Candy but they can only ever be fairly crap by today's standards. I think the game looks very cool from the air though. If anyone feels like giving the game a go it would be fun to play a few sorties together.