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  1. The 1st MRB Newsletter July-August 2017

    Excellent stuff as always. I especially enjoyed the realism reports.
  2. Free Press

    Are we famous?
  3. Name: GySgt. S. Ripley [1st MRB] Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:162235002 Duration of Ban: One Week Reasons for the Ban: Blatant hacks combined with name change hack. Demo Provided?: N Comments: It took a few moments to ban the correct person so in my rush to ban him while he had my name I only banned for a week. I would like to please request an upgrade to permanent for hacking and impersonating 1st MRB members.
  4. FREE GAME!!! Get Shadow Warrior: Special Edition for Free!

    Played the original years ago. This was the best game of the build engine. Looking forward to trying this version, thanks Alpha.
  5. Rocket League

    Do you use a controller for this game? Is there any advantage either way?
  6. Rocket League

    Had a blast playing this all night at my cousin's house on xbox. I may have to pick it up in the sale.
  7. Warhammer 40k/Fantasy

    Nice display. I haven't played anything in over a decade now but I still love to look at the models. Did you ever play any of the other games?
  8. Warhammer 40k/Fantasy

    Fantastic painting Viktor. I keep meaning to dig my models up.
  9. The 1st MRB Newsletter June 2017

    Excellent as always guys. Thanks.
  10. Any of you chumps want to meet up with me in L.A. this weekend?

    If you could just kindly pay for my flight I'll be there!
  11. a csgo video with no music.

    That flick on the first shot makes me smile. Nice ace.

    Great game. Grab it people!
  13. Ban Request :: Will

    Name: Will Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:191101709 Reasons for the Ban: Intentionally teamkilling. Recommended duration of ban: Your discretion Demo Provided?: N I could not ban this player, despite trying several times. Werner also tried. I was able to kick only.
  14. The 1st MRB Newsletter May 2017

    Nicely done guys. I could really drink a Mai Tai!