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  1. Guide to Sweden.

    I found this much funnier the second time around once I turned subtitles on.
  2. Elf 1st MRB - Two taps

    Hacks! Nice video.
  3. Catalan independence

    There is a lot of support for Catalonian independence here in Wales. I have met members of their autonomy movement here in the past.
  4. Catalan independence

    I just read Homage to Catalonia by George Orwell. Spain should be ashamed. The Basque state will be the next to separate and they will use extreme force and violence to do so.
  5. World War II Online

    The graphics have improved Candy but they can only ever be fairly crap by today's standards. I think the game looks very cool from the air though. If anyone feels like giving the game a go it would be fun to play a few sorties together.
  6. World War II Online 'Free to play' WW2 combined arms FPSMMO. Recently released on Steam but originally released in 2001. One month free trial for Steam users and then subscription or you can just play for free with a limited amount of equipment. Huge variety of roles from all kinds of infantry to flying bombers and fighter planes, tanks, trucks, anti-air and anti-tank guns or boats from small patrol boats to destroyers. Play as a German on axis or British, French or American on allies. Campaigns are centered around capturing buildings as infantry with various functions such as infantry spawn or vehicle spawn and in turn taking entire towns and cities of varying sizes. The map is the largest ever made for a game at 'over 350,000 km2(135,136 sq mi), with most play occurring in a 52,000 km2 (20,077 sq mi) central area in which most capturable cities, airfields and ports have been placed'. This area is essentially a half scale map of much of Western Europe. Campaigns are led by voluntary high command players who choose what supply is going to which town and where attacks will take place. Battles for towns and cities can go on for weeks, campaigns can go on for months. Not a game for everyone. There is a steep learning curve, the graphics are functional (to put it politely) and there is a huge amount to learn. When the game is really great, as it has been since release on Steam beause the population is now excellent, the battles are fantastic. A few nights ago a battle for a town lasted two hours and involved at least 150 people on each side including tank columns rolling in, paratroopers being dropped overhead as a dogfight with scores of planes was happening overhead and many related battles of all kinds for miles around the objective. I could go on, this game is really deep. I doubt most people will really enjoy this game but for sheer ambition and uniqueness I highly recommend it to any FPS and/or WW2 fan.
  7. Free Game on Humble Bundle

    Hell no. That looks scary as!
  8. a video of me playing

    Nice frag movie.
  9. Stickers On Guitar

    You get 10 muso points.
  10. Stickers On Guitar

    When I was young I went backpacking around (mostly Eastern) Europe with two friends. We saw 13 countries in a month on a single interrail ticket with very little money. We had agreed to travel as lightly as possible but of course they both bought bloody full size guitars on the first day of the trip in Prague! One of them bought stickers in every place we visited and plastered his guitar in them. I've never put stickers on any of my instruments (although one of my ukes from the 50s has a rare sticker on it) but that guitar my friend stickered stuck in my mind. Pun intended. He eventually lent that guitar to his sister who 'left it in a house somewhere' A few years ago my Father gave me his guitar which is the one shown here. The problem is if I want to play a six steel string acoustic I will always play my Taylor GS Mini and there are several other instruments ahead of this one I would rather play so this guitar is not getting much love. At the same time I won't give it away or sell it so today my niece, nephew I covered it in stickers. This does effect the tone but I don't care. I thought I would run out of space but it turns out there is room for more.
  11. Happy Birthday Imp!

    Happy Birthday!
  12. The 1st MRB Newsletter - September 2017

    Well done again guys.
  13. Shadow Warrior 2013 - FREE!

    Thanks, again, for the heads up Alpha. Just bought this one unfortunately.
  14. The 1st MRB Newsletter July-August 2017

    Excellent stuff as always. I especially enjoyed the realism reports.
  15. Free Press

    Are we famous?