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  1. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    This is a 8 year old computer, any other technicians have input on whats best for Holquist here? It now has Windows 7 as well.
  2. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    In talking to you last night I failed to ask you, since this is a Dell there is a possibility the graphics card is not stand alone and built into the motherboard. If you can go into the Device manager and tell us what video card it says you have that would also be helpful. A built-in video card would have to be disabled to install a stand alone. Click Windows Button>Control Panel>Hardware and Sound and "Device Manager" will be a link under Devices and Printers. Once in the Device manager relay back to us what the "display Adapter" is in the list. If you want to screen shot like you did in the last post that will work as well.
  3. Pending reply - Can't Exit Menu's in DoD

    Excellent. Thanks Yama, we gonna have to put you on the payroll! heh Seriously though, thank you good sir! Ticket closed.
  4. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    Picking a video card you need to consider a few things: -How much money can you comfortably spend -What type of games are you playing -Is your computer hardware and software compatible If you could post your computer specs that would help. I am a Nvidia fan personally but a lot of the new AMD/ATI cards are very comparable in performance and price. I am using a NVidia 970 8GB and I pretty much run everything, even with 5 year old components(I dont even have DDR4 memory) When we figure out what card you want we can assist you with installation, we can link a video tutorial or give you instructions.
  5. Pending reply - Can't Exit Menu's in DoD

    Did Yama's suggestion help you with the problem Viktor?
  6. Resolved - Can't read own chat in game

    Looks as though Brown saves the day. Ticket Closed.
  7. Resolved - Can't read own chat in game

    I will look into possibilities. Meanwhile, do you use any mods/add-ons that may affect this? If so have you tried going back to vanilla/reinstall to see if it is fixed? Just a few things I can think of off the top of my head. Any other technicians have any ideas?
  8. Ban Request: Pitufo

    Done. He won't be back.
  9. Pending Reply - New Computer, cant log in to Vent

    Haven't heard form you in awhile Ucar, do you still need assistance?
  10. The 1st MRB Newsletter July-August 2017

    Great jobs on the articles Correspondents and Editors, if I can just figure out this formatting issue it'll be golden.
  11. The Latest 1st MRB Newsletter is Out!
  12. The 1st MRB Newsletter July-August 2017

    I realize the formatting is off but every page has the same width and I exported them the same way I always do, a bit stumped here but I will figure it out. I will fix the Newsletter in the next few days but for now, enjoy! Edit: I have re-exported the pages and for some reason they still don't format properly. They look fine on mobile and are formatted properly. Is it just me? Do the pages look the same width to everyone else on their computer?
  13. 1st MRB Newsletter JULY-AUGUST 2017
  14. Stopping by

    Good to hear from you Turner. Hope you can get back to some Realisms and stuff soon!
  15. Rocket League

    Guys, I have decided to quit Rocket League for awhile. My level of skill is not improving, I am spending too much on keys...its getting a bit obsessive at this point. If anyone would like some of my stuff I am giving it away. I intend to come back to the game but after a long break from it. If anyone would like to take lead on the tournament I will be happy to help in any way but i will not be playing.