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  1. Pending Reply - Suggestion for a PC monitor

    Sounds great Jank, should I leave this ticket open for more suggestions or do you have what you need?
  2. Pending Reply - Suggestion for a PC monitor

    Great suggestions, thanks for input guys. I personally haven't bought a monitor in awhile either but from what I have seen I think the suggestions made by Elf and Gearhart are spot on. Think about size of the screen, resolution and response time. Also think about things like space on your desk, angle of motion the monitor has and any other extras(like built in USB hubs, etc.) Ant other technicians like to weigh in on this for him?
  3. Elf 1st MRB - Two taps

    Nice vid! I love the soundtrack, one of my favorite Rage tracks
  4. Twas a Viktor meet and great!

  5. Anything New on your situation Brooks?
  6. Unresolved - Graphics Card

    Closing this topic due to inactivity. You can always bump another ticket or revisit this one in the future.
  7. Happy Birthday Samuels!

    Happy Birthday buddy, and many more!
  8. How I have been playing lately (meme)

    Woah, things just intense, Swedish Death Match!
  9. Unresolved - Graphics Card

    Have you solved your new Graphics card issue Holquist?
  10. Any Steam techs or software experts help Brooks with his issue here?
  11. Here is a post off the Steam Forums about this problem, see if this works.
  12. World War II Online

    Used to play this in the early 2000's, if the graphics have been overhauled the game play is pretty awesome. I liked playing a tank and going with other players in a convoy to attack a town. It was loads of fun but I didn't play as much as I wanted because I played other MMO's at the time. Its a fun game that doesn't require a lot of commitment, just play when you feel like it.
  13. a video of me playing

    Nice Shootin' Tex!
  14. Happy Birthday Brown!

    Happy Birthday buddy! And many more!