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  1. Destiny 2

    I finally did it! If you don't play D2 there are three classes you can play, level 20 is the cap, and 305 is the power cap. Took me awhile but I got 'er done. If you play D2 on PC, let me know I can throw you an invite for the clan so you can do some raids, nightfalls, or just get the rewards.
  2. 1stLt. L. Barry - Kar98k

    You can see at 0:15 he toggles hacks. Nice vid.
  3. PUBG

  4. PUBG

    I got lucky! Post some of your crazy moments or just talk about the game.
  5. Free Press

  6. Favorite VOIP Program

    -Discord's voice quality is pretty good but nothing special other than that. --Teamspeak's customization abilities is a plus, but the voice quality is terrible. ---Ventrilo has the best of both of these, voice quality is great and although the channel/player customization isn't nearly as good as teamspeak, it does the job.
  7. Rocket League

    I didn't see a topic for general discussion so I figured why not make a thread. I've played with Candy, Johnson, and Samuels in the past but who else plays this game? I'm plat 1 and always looking to play duo or standard with people Let me know!
  8. And yall think your dods shots are good

  9. Streaming on Twitch

    I got a chance to check it out, even watched some of your previous archived streams. Good setup, I enjoyed it! Just some tips to help with improving your stream: -Get an offline background image, it's simple to set up but if you need help just send me a msg. -Adjust the volume of your friends that are playing with you and/or just taking to you, it's a bit too quiet as of now. -Get an overlay of your brand (which I assume is the "M" in your avatar) somewhere in your stream. This can be done easily through your streaming software. -I'm not sure if you use it or not, but TwitchAlerts is a good way to interact with your viewers. -Future Tip: Be the first to stream ANY new game that comes out, it opens you up to new viewers immediately. That's really all you need to make it "pop", other than that you have a great setup. Hope this helps, and good luck with the stream. P.s. A bunch of us also play PUBG so just send us an invite for squads anytime you need fillers.
  10. Maps for the Pub

    I'd like to clarify a few things here because I think people may be misinformed. There have never been restrictions that just stuck to stock maps on the pub, ONLY the map cycle. There is a difference. There have always been custom maps on the pub server, including the maps listed by Dillon. Custom maps on the pub are fun to have and a must just to change things up from time to time. An admin always had the ability to switch the map as long as there were enough players to support it (i.e. 25+ players). The request made by Dillon in late March should have been addressed a long time ago. It takes 5 minutes to put these maps on the pub and fast downloads server. It shouldn't take this long to reply or address the question. Come on guys get it done.
  11. nugZz's list of games

    Add Playerunknown's Battleground to that list. It's a good game. Also, replace Dota 2 with League of Legends and I'll play
  12. Who would win? Silver Back Gorilla vs. Grizzly Bear

    but dat strength of gorillas doe!
  13. Let the debate commence!
  14. How about them maple leafs haha, I see you're still around. Last we talked things weren't so great and I left in a regrettable fashion, Even though that was a long time back, I apologize. I pub a shit load on my down time, not too many familiar faces any more. Saw Ford the other day but he was under some other tags.

    1. Parker 1st MRB

      Parker 1st MRB

      Yup Go Leafs Go!

    2. Warren 1st MRB

      Warren 1st MRB

      How long ago did you retire? good to see the unit still going strong

    3. Parker 1st MRB

      Parker 1st MRB

      Like 2 years ago I think...

  15. League of Legends :: Challenge

    I'll 1v1 wheneverssss