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  1. Unban Request: Ricaurte

    After speaking with Duncan, you will be unbanned, welcome back to the server.
  2. Unban Request: Ricaurte

    This request is under review, please be patient while we make a decision about your ban. Thank you. This topic will be locked for the time being.
  3. Ban Request: КУСненький

    Increased to 3 days.
  4. Ban Request: ,,

    Increased to a week.
  5. Happy birthday

  6. Unban Request: (dib)bark!?

  7. unban request

    Unban Request denied.
  8. Name: Nik Darkstorm/Nikki Darkstorm Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:42093951 || STEAM_0:0:31659593 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Mic Spamming/Ignoring Admins/Circumventing Ban Demo Provided?: No Comments: Was asked to stop mic spamming, was muted, then on map change started arguing with admins about being muted, etc. Was asked to stop arguing, continued then finally banned for a day. He then returned on another account and stated it was him. He is now banned permanently for circumventing a ban.
  9. Re: Rules not applying to clan members?

    Contact either myself or 1stLt. Jankovski via Steam or the forums. To do so via the forums, send a private message to either of us. Go to the top right of your screen, and click the little envelope icon.
  10. Name: Hella goddess of death Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:240988366 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Aimbot Demo Provided?: No Comments: Snapping to people's heads and headshotted 3 people in row. Immediately left after being called out by another public player.
  11. Ban Request - Futura

    Currently under review. We will respond later on with a decision. Please be patient while we review the evidence.
  12. Ban Request: bryceno112

    Banned for 2 days.
  13. hacks?

    I was going through some old screenshots I had and thought I'd post a few: The last one is a bonus. I stabbed he who shan't be knifed.
  14. Ban Request: SSGt. Haynes [1st MRB] / ®

    The person calling himself "SSgt. Haynes [1st MRB]" has already been permanently banned. As for the person who was revenge team killing, banned for 2 weeks. We do not tolerate revenge team killing, especially the amount that can be seen here. Thank you very much for posting this ban request, I highly encourage you in the future to do this. If there are no admins on late at night like this, it helps when people can let us know who was responsible for killing the server. Happy Fraggin'!
  15. Ban Report :: semoule

    Name: semoule Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:2717248 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Team Killing Demo Provided?: No Comments: 5th Ban on Record, increased to Permanent.