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  1. Name: WinningRook & Henchman Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:49349063 & STEAM_0:0:67690476 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Team Killing & Racism Demo Provided?: No Comments: Both were being obscenely racist and were team killing profusely when no admins were on.
  2. How I have been playing lately (meme)

  3. Twas a Viktor meet and great!

    You mean the Peace among worlds sign.
  4. Ban request: Best_Sniper [1st MRB]

    Banned permanently, we do not allow people to impersonate our unit members.
  5. Ban Request: Tink Tink

    Player has been permanently banned, thank you for posting and providing evidence.
  6. Ban Request: Tink Tink

    This request is being reviewed.
  7. Ban Report :: Trix

    Name: Trix Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:191603300 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Aimbot Demo Provided?: Yes Comments: Was aiming at the wall instantly headshotting people without looking at them. trix1.dem
  8. Ban Report :: ciggypete

    Reduced to two weeks, we don't ban permanently for team killing on the first offense.
  9. Ban Report :: halo34

    Ban reduced to a month.
  10. Ban Report :: Lt. Dan

    Name: Lt. Dan (or Le Pen) Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:232619215 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Aimbot Demo Provided?: No Comments: Was walking around instantly head shotting people, was also using a name changer.
  11. Ban request: Alexander Gauland

    Banned for a week.
  12. [Rejected] Enlistment - J. Rico

    The applicant was acting unbecoming of a Marine Raider in our public server.
  13. Ban Report :: BLOOD

    Name: BLOOD Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:82748728 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Team Killing Demo Provided?: No Comments: 5th ban on the server now. Upgraded to a permanent ban.
  14. Ban Request: Doctor Zaius

    Banned Permanently. After doing a quick search of this person's IP Address, it appears he shares 3 accounts that have all been banned at least 3 times for different time frames. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  15. Ban Report :: boi

    Name: boi Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:37283500 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Banned 5 times within 2 months. Demo Provided?: No Comments: From my personal experience this person was trolling admins the other day while I was on, was using a glitch despite being warned, and was claiming he was a "regular on the server". Yet despite all of that cannot follow the rules.