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  1. Ban Request Runic

    Permanently banned for use of the N word. We do not tolerate this type of language on this server.
  2. Ban Request :: Riddick

    Banned for 3 days
  3. Ban Report :: SlayrS_BoxeR

    Name: SlayrS_BoxeR Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:199800348 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Wallhacking Demo Provided?: Yes. slayer1 demo, slayer2 demo, slayer3 demo Comments: Very blatant wallhack being used.
  4. Ban Request: hank scorpio

  5. hey i get your hesitations ya i dodged around the ban that was wrong of me by why should i feel remorse toward an admin who moments before he banned me for life made jokes about me, i know for a fact that all the others he talked to were'nt given all the info. i dont remember who it was so there 1) will be no hard feelings if im ever unbanned hell the number of old 1st players playing with 6th tags now theres a good chance he went over there, 2) im sorry if telling the truth to the sever in the form of "and then he made up some bullshit" is hard for you to hear, but im not gonna sweeten up the facts, 3) calmer player has nothing to do with what i type most of my bans before perma and dodge where based on some player complaining that i was being to mean, so by calmer i mean i dont even bother talking to people when i play, half the time i dont even play with mic or sound

  6. Unban Request :: Lead Farmer

    i honestly haven't been around long enough to know what the situation behind your ban was. However... after reading this I can see things that make me hesitant to unban you. First off, you wrote at the end of your unban request, "I've progressed as a calmer player". Then in the sentence before that you wrote, "some admin took offence to a joke i made about him and then made up bullshit to justify his reason". And after looking into the history of your name on Sourcebans I've also noticed that you were circumventing a permanent ban that was already in place. Regardless the reason of the admin who banned you, you were permanently banned and then went around that ban. That is enough reason to keep the ban in place. And in conclusion, you don't seem to have any remorse for what you have said in the past, or in your unban request. Overall, this unban request is denied.
  7. Back to the gym!

    This alone is enough to make me want to walk on the other side of the street if I saw you. But glad to hear you're getting into that, I personally have been trying to keep myself in shape and like to go to the gym twice a week if I can. Granted I may not have the capability to crush a human skull with my bare hands any time soon, but it'll be enough to make me feel good.
  8. FuZzY - Unban plz

    Locked for the time being, a response to this will come as soon as possible.
  9. Name: Vegetable Terrorist Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:89642385 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Racism Demo Provided?: No. Comments: Was dropping some slurs over microphone, warned him to not do it again, and then just drops the N word after my warning.
  10. Unban Request :: Nookie

    Considering your attitude on your post, and the attitude you were giving admins in the server. I don't think you quite understand why you were banned. When we are dealing with a situation (and trust me, we were looking into it) and have someone belligerently talking into their mic for us to handle it, is disrespectful. We were in the middle of trying to take care of it, but when you were asked to relax you immediately jump down our throats saying that it needs to be taken care of immediately. Considering it didn't seem like you were going to stop, you were kicked. Upon return again you start arguing with us over the microphone and became even more irate. Subsequently you were banned for your complete lack of respect and for your attitude on the server. And this isn't your first ban either, you were banned for 2 other instances of disrespecting players/admins. In conclusion, your unban request is denied. If anyone wants to override this decision feel free to.
  11. Ban Report :: GySgt. S. Ripley [1st MRB]

    Upgraded to Permanent.
  12. Free Press

    This guy reminds me of myself when I get mad. Except I swear a lot and almost break stuff. But yeah, nice video. Made me laugh.
  13. Ban Request: "Dixieland"

    Banned for a week, we do not tolerate this type of behavior on our server. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  14. Ban request: "Timbermoose", "Mimi" and "Sgt Smoke'Em" (3 alt accounts)

    All of this is under review. Someone will respond soon.
  15. Ban Request: Bazooka

    Banned for a day.