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  1. Let's make a Story

    Start a new topic. Call it (Lets make a story part 2)
  2. Let's make a Story

    Honestly i think we should start over. This was hilarious but its getting way too big
  3. Weapon Incentives

    At this time due to our recent realism victory there are NO WEAPON RESTRICTIONS until SUNDAY, OCTOBER 29TH, 2017 at 23:59 EST. Starting OCTOBER 30TH, 2017 Weapons restrictions will be back in play.
  4. Twas a Viktor meet and great!

    Viktor ... you are literally what i thought you would look like. Now go grab a rocket.
  5. The 1st MRB Newsletter July-August 2017

    amazing job as always... i especially loved the part talking about me ... im popular!
  6. Weapon Incentives

    At this time due to our recent realism victory there are no Weapons restrictions until Sunday, July 9th, 2017 at 23:59 EST. Starting July 10th, 2017 (EST) Weapons restrictions will be back in play.
  7. [Accepted - 316] Enlistment - Tyrone Goodrich

    Welcome to the 1st Marine Raider Battalion! Now that you have been accepted don't forget to: 1. Check in at the Recruit Depot 2. Read the Marine Raider Handbook (you are expected to know everything in it) 3. Change your steam friends Avatar 4. Download, install and log into Ventrilo (Optional) 5. If you have a MAC computer, you will need to download and install our BCT map: CLICK HERE for instructions. NOTE: Please be aware that you will not have access to the above links until an officer has given you full access to the forum. Access to the forum should be given to you within the next day.
  8. [Accepted - 316] Enlistment - Tyrone Goodrich

    MARINE CORPS ENLISTMENT OFFICE Camp Pendleton, CA RECRUITMENT LETTER Hello Tyrone Goodrich, Thank you for taking interest in joining the 1st Marine Raider Battalion. There are a few things you should know before I give you a date for Basic Combat Training (BCT). Firstly, you are restricted to the weapon class of Rifleman for the duration of your time as a Recruit. Secondly, any questions you have about our unit, alternate times for your BCT, or just rules in general, you should contact your drill instructor 1stSgt. S. Larson BCT will begin on: North American BCT Monday, July 10th, 2017 @ 9pm EST Upon stating that you understand all the information here, an admin will change your forum name and login to be : Goodrich 1st MRB Take the time now to change your Steam and in-game name to: Rec. T. Goodrich [1st MRB] Please make sure to verify your forum account by checking your email. Also, please respond below with a reply showing that you have read and understand these rules and restrictions set. You cannot be fully accepted until you do so. We have a limit on the time to reply, if you do not do so within 48 hours, your application will be denied. Once you reply, you will be approved for your BCT unless otherwise posted.
  9. [Accepted - 316] Enlistment - Tyrone Goodrich

    Thank you for your interest in the 1st MRB. I will keep your application in pending status until you have a working mic. Please reply once you have one ready. Thank you.
  10. The 1st MRB Newsletter May 2017

    That realism though.... That realism.... I still have goosebumps from that day Great job guys!!! Great content!!
  11. Happy Birthday Capt. Mcdowell!

    Happy Birthday Captain!!!!
  12. Call of Duty WWII ???

    I really REALLY liked battlefield 1. it made me love battlefield games again after the terrible Hardline game... it was only a matter of time before COD copies the success and the only logical choice would be WWII. I really hope its a fresh change for COD but I highly doubt they will deliver what the gamers actually want. COD was dead to me for YEARS. Last one I bought was Ghosts and we all know how that ended. This one i might actually consider. I will wait for the release and look at reviews first. I know I'm going to get disappointed.... but i love WWII based games (Who would have thought! ) I have a feeling this is just going to be regular, old, boring, repetitive COD with a WWII skin. Actually I wouldnt be surprised at all. But still... cool trailer!
  13. Call of Duty WWII ???

    I havent been a fan of CoD since Black Ops 1 .... But ... Yes?? What do you guys think?

    Read and NOT understood... literally not understood at all.. so creepy! LMAO
  15. Rocket League Tournament

    im in !