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  1. Happy Birthday Marines!

    242 years looks good on you! Here is the official 2017 Marine Corps birthday message
  2. How I have been playing lately (meme)

    I play rifle too :-p
  3. Unban Request: General Stoner

    Unfortunately I do not remember this specific instance of being killed by you nor can I provide any support to either of your claims. I heard the CWO say on chat that he saw you wall hacking but other than that I did not personally see or experience anything of that sort as I was focusing on playing the game myself. Sorry but I cannot weigh in to support either side here because I didn't see or notice anything out of the ordinary on my end.
  4. Any former devils been on Oki?

    I was at Hansen for about a month in 2007... There was a really cool bar called 7th Heaven that had some really awesome live music...I think it was outside "gate 7" off one of the major bases...Can't remember what base might be Schwab. The Coco curry restaurants were good...You could pick how spicy from 1 to 10. I could barely handle an 8. There was a really good "American Steakhouse" somewhere I think it is literally called American Steakhouse. There are tours that go to Iwo Jima which I hear are amazing... Also I'm not really into karaoke but some Marines that were stationed there took us out for that and it ended up being pretty fun...Cheap drinks and food and friendly locals. Other than that I didn't get out much they liked to keep us on base for the most part due to trouble out in town. Not sure if that helps but figured I'd drop my two cents seeing as I was there for a little while when I was in the Marine Corps!
  5. Personal Pictures

    Figured I would share of photo of myself and the "kiddo" I am always leaving realisms to go and pick up from daycare :-)
  6. Ban Request: OIL710

    Name: Oil710 Steam I.D: U:1:1743481 Duration of Ban: Up to MP Reasons for the Ban: Non-Stop Team Killing and wounding. Not responding to requests to stop from 1st MRB member (Me) Demo Provided?: N Comments: Screenshot of his score is included here
  7. Happy Birthday to the Marine Corps!

    It is the Marine Corps 241st birthday today! I just wanted to share that here and also share the annual birthday message from the Commandant of the Marine Corps:
  8. Ban Request: StrizZl

    Name: StrizZl Steam I.D: U:1:43275730 Duration of Ban: Up to MP Reasons for the Ban: TKing non-stop. Racked up 40+ TKs in a few minutes. The screen shot was when he was at -26 Demo Provided?: N Comments: My first ban report...so I may have not done this 100% correctly. Had to do something though!