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  1. Favorite Western movie

    A fistfull of dollars, the nostalgic memories watching that on VHS as a child. The theme is really great aswell.
  2. [Accepted - 317] Enlistment - Alice Dubois

    Ah, that clear things up thanks!
  3. [Accepted - 317] Enlistment - Alice Dubois

    I don't want to come of as a smartypants, it's not my intention at all but the 9th is on a wendsday. Is the BCT on the monday the 7th?
  4. [Accepted - 317] Enlistment - Alice Dubois

    I accept all restrictions and regulations
  5. [Accepted - 317] Enlistment - Alice Dubois

    First Name: Alice Last Name: Dubois In-game name: AliceEeEeEeEE Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:78074051 - http://steamcommunity.com/id/lulice/ Date of Birth: 1993/08/06 Location: Currently Sweden, I move some Do you have a working mic?: Yes, I don't have the greatest of microphones but I hope it will suffice Do you have Ventrilo?: Not right now but I have used it many times before so I can set it up when needed _______________________ Why do you wish to join the 1st Marine Raiders?: It is always fun to be part of a clan to make new friends and have fun people to play with. I found your server and liked the people and how you run it, I want to join in on the fun Did any of our current members play a part in you enlisting? If so, who?: Yes. Santiago was very helpful and explained everything I had questions about How are you today?: Very well This unit offers more than just a place to play games with each other, do you have any online skills you think would be useful?: No sorry I don't think so. I can type fast but that is hardly helpful for you .. Do you have any Leadership experience that you think will be helpful?: None that translates well to DoD realism I think _______________________ Have you ever been in a realism unit before, and if so, which unit was it?: No I have not Ranks held within that unit: - Reason for leaving that unit: - _______________________ Parting Comments: I hope some of you have played with me at this point and think I am a nice enough person to be considered to join you. If accepted as a recruit I am ready to start the basic training when you are. This week (30) is my last vacation week, after that I will be home around 17:00 Central European Time and ready to get on. There is a language barrier since I am from Europe but I understand and speak English good enough so I hope it won't be a problem By posting this Enlistment form, I acknowledge the instructions completely, declare that I am 16 years old or older, and agree that I have and will follow server and unit rules maturely and respectfully or face immediate rejection. Signed, Alice Dubois