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  1. hacks?

    Nothing too crazy but it's alright.
  2. Free Game on Humble Bundle

    Looked up outlast, thank you for the tip but I think I'll pass this time hahaha
  3. a video of me playing

    Nice always fun with frag videos!
  4. PUBG

    Got this game yesterday and it's great, won my first solo this morning. If anyone wants to play feel free to add me: http://steamcommunity.com/id/lulice/
  5. pictures of pets

    My two babies
  6. Resolved - Spray issue

    I tried messing around with different graphic settings like you suggested earlier but I still have the problem.. I'm about to just give up on this and accept that sprays aren't a thing for me, it's not a huge deal after all.
  7. Resolved - Spray issue

    Checked my config, cl_playersprayenable was set to 0. The spray does not work in our server.
  8. Resolved - Spray issue

    Name: A. Dubois Rank: Private Type of issue: (Software, Hardware, Steam, Not sure) Day of defeat source Brief Description of Issue: I can't see my own spray. I was in a pub today and could see other peoples sprays in spawn, they had a mod so you could see who's spray belongs to who and my name showed up when I aimed on the wall but I couldn't see it myself. I have tried turning off cloud sync and restarting steam but the problem remains the same. ***Medical Supply Staff ONLY Below this line*** Current Status: Resolved Researching Pending Reply Resolved Unresolved Main Technician: Supporting Technician: J. Candy
  9. Happy Birthday Sanborne

    Happy birthday
  10. PUBG

    Do many of you guys play this? I have been looking at it but I don't want to play alone
  11. Shadow Warrior 2013 - FREE!

    Awesome, thanks for sharing.
  12. Where are my metalheads at?????

    I never got into dimmu borgir for some reason, serpentine offering is the only song of theirs I like. Amon amarth is also great.
  13. Where are my metalheads at?????

  14. Solar Eclipse!

    Amazing photos Dillon! I really like the second one.
  15. Favorite Western movie

    A fistfull of dollars, the nostalgic memories watching that on VHS as a child. The theme is really great aswell.