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  1. Hi.

    Fuck off you wanker!
  2. Fallujah aftermath 'worse then Hiroshima fallout"

    Almost every minigun attached to a helicopter or air support time vehicle uses depleted rounds. They've been using them since the 80s. I watched a documentary about tank drivers and how some get radiation poisining from being in close proximity to DU rounds.
  3. League of Legends

  4. 2016 Election

    Bruce Willis
  5. 10 Year Anniversary of MARSOC

    The successor of the OG Marine Raiders.
  6. Zombie Survival

  7. Unban Request :: Ray

    For the record, Ryu was known as Fujiwara while he was in the 1st MRB.
  8. Very short test video

  9. The European Debt Crisis Visualized

  10. Womens World Cup

  11. Top Gear is Dead

    Looks like they have found some networks willing to give them a new show Good News! What?
  12. Gamergate

    I try to treat everyone equally. That's why I just decided to hate all of you. Especially you Johnson.
  13. E3 Battlefront Trailer

  14. 1st MRB Newsletter May 2015

    Boooooo! Where is the praise for my Twinkies!!!!!!?!?!?!
  15. Rust