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  1. Ban request: Mr.Pink

    Banned for one day.
  2. Ban Report :: Spartan

    Name: Spartan Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:47821611 Duration of Ban: Permanent Reasons for the Ban: Hate Speech Demo Provided?: N Staff Sergeant' O'Hare and Pilon were present with others however. Comments: User first confirmed that we are a "No Politics" server, I corrected this misnomer and educated of Game Related only VoIP server, can join vent though. Proceeded to spew hate speech and flee the server.
  3. Ban request: {tc} Rocco's Modern Life

    Banned for three weeks. We do not tolerate recruitment for other communities on our server.
  4. Ban Request: Le Pen

    User has already been permanently banned but thank you for posting. Link.
  5. [Accepted - 322 ] Enlistment - Chase McElyea

    You can find out How to Find Your Steam ID by following the instructions here. It is different from ur profile URL
  6. Ban Request: Ghost

    Banned for 3 days
  7. Resolved - Demos keeps crashing my game

    Okay I will see what if anything came of that. I think I remember this being tied to the steampipe update but am not positive
  8. Resolved - Demos keeps crashing my game

    Is this ur issue?
  9. First time using GIMP

    rofl rofl rofl that black background on the metapod though Is prolly better than I could do now a days. I have worked on my photo editing in about 6 years
  10. Ban Request: Bonedaddy 69

    Banned 1 week upon review of player event log, shows mass team killing with mg
  11. Get 2 Free Games For a Limited Time Only!

    Nice. Got both of those on Xbox for Games with gold. Is well worth the free
  12. I was banished yesterday and, I do not know why. Check, please!

    You were indeed banned. You were kicked for being afk in a full server and within 10 seconds of said kick rejoined to sit in spectaye knowing the server rules against it. I called out in voicechat, sent you admin messages on screen to all and you privately prior to both the kick and ban. At that point you simply appeared to be ignoring admins and server rules. You have been banned 5 other times. Twice for team killing, and three times for similarly blatantly ignoring admits and server rules. Given your history of bans I chose to have this as an extended break from our community and you instead of permanently banning you. The ban in place shall expire assuming you do not spam our MP Office with topics proclaiming your honor and or innocence. I am sorry to have had this to have come to this. The topic will self open when you are welcome to appeal this ban.
  13. Happy Birthday Sanborne

    Yeah, the hangover that is gone by noon is a good one.
  14. Happy Birthday Sanborne

    ROFL ROFL ROFL Happy birfday Sanborne!!!!! I hope you have a great day and dint have too terrible of a hangover tomorrow