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  1. Pending Reply - Graphics Card

    NVIDIA GTX960 8GB VDDR5 RAM is what I currently run and am able to push most games I play to max settings. However I don't play a lot of the new AAA titles so that may be a factor u need to consider.
  2. More great maps for the pub!!! Private,too!

    Yerrrrr thank you Major
  3. Does anyone do fantasy football?

    We have had leagues in the past but they fizzled out when I played, mainly on my part because id forget and not update my roster lol
  4. Ban Report :: Dildo Faggins

    Name: Dildo Fagging/Fucking Nagger Steam I.D: STEAM_0:0:214076484 Duration of Ban: Perm Reasons for the Ban: Use of Bigoted Names, after being advised to change it changed to a more inappropriate name Demo Provided?: N Comments: 0 tolerance of Bigotry
  5. Free Press

    Has anyone asked if he wants to join? He is a good shot with the rifle and seems mellow enough
  6. The 1st MRB Newsletter July-August 2017

    Looks great to me on my phone, Sir. Thank you for all your work on the formatting for us XD
  7. Free Press

    Lol that is pretty great
  8. Ban Request :: N3V3R51NC3

    We will see if this player us learned to be a decent human being by the holiday season. Banned for 3 months.
  9. Ban Request: "Stürmer[Berlin]"

    His stats show 21 Team Kills in about a 4 hour time period, while maintaining a positive KDR recently [July 20th from 7:08PM to 10:50PM according to Gameme] and an overall TK percentage of 8% in his 211 hours of playtime on the server. This player appears to have team killed a sufficient amount to merit warning, but not to merit a ban. However thank you for bringing it to our attention xnugZz, we will continue to monitor his profile and see if your prediction comes true, given his hours played he does know not to fire through his teammates on our server. At this time this topic is closed.
  10. hacks?

    MG on Wismar Realism in the pub because I could.
  11. Dayz Standalone

    Alrighty then. So we have begun to scatter a little bit again since the demise of the D.M.Z. Server. It is currently attempting to be revived; I personally don't want to play on that server anylonger after the server owner yanked the server down without worrying about the input of his community until after no one followed him to other games. To give a sample of the mobile base that I have started on a server here are some pictures XD. My inventor without backpack contents. Truck inventory consists of spare food and assorted optics. Backpack Contents Stashed Truck (AKA Mobile Base)
  12. Yerrr Welcome back and thank you for attending Able Companies First and Second Platoon Practices today XD

    1. Hull 1st MRB

      Hull 1st MRB

      thanks very much :)............ that`s not a problem at all  glad to help 

  13. Name: .[-_=]..World Peace 420 Steam I.D: STEAM_0:1:17330005 Duration of Ban: Perm Reasons for the Ban: Repeat Team Killer. Recent One month ban just expired and player is back to Team Killing. Demo Provided?: N Comments: See Initial Ban Request Here
  14. Ban Request: ".[-_=]..World Peace 420"

    User has been permanently banned due to ban history and repeated warnings. His last ban expired a week ago and he is right back at it. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.
  15. Favorite VOIP Program

    Vent all the way, I only grudgingly use anything else